Strong Foundations

You’ll engage in compound movements: squats, lunges, hip hinges, and single-leg balances. These exercises span three-dimensional planes of motion, closely mimicking everyday activities like walking, running, lifting, reaching, or carrying. Learn more…

Restore & Renew

Seeking a distinctive and practical approach to enhance your spinal and joint health, promote supple muscles, and maintain functionally mobile joints for health and longevity? Discover our Restore & Renew class, a specialised remedial exercise program for people of all ages and backgrounds. Learn more…

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What My Students Say:

“I have been going to Austes wonderful classes for several months now and I’m addicted. I feel so good whilst doing the class and after. I have been to both her Saturday and Mondays classes which are brilliant.“
"I used to get back pain every one or two months for many, many years. Ever since I started seeing Auste I haven’t experienced the same pain at all for almost a year. I am very grateful for all the tips learned in her classes to strengthen my core (Strong Foundations) in addition to the osteopathy sessions that have been extremely helpful."

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