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My approach is grounded in the body’s natural healing ability, a fundamental principle of osteopathic philosophy. In addition to traditional hands-on therapy, I incorporate functional movement assessment and rehabilitation exercises that are specifically tailored to your unique needs. By actively participating in your recovery journey, I can support you in achieving sustainable, long-lasting results.
Moreover, I am committed to empowering you by offering personalised education and strategies that are designed to guide you towards the most effective path to health. Whether you’re recuperating from an injury, managing chronic discomfort, or striving for new fitness goals, I provide tailored, evidence-based exercise programs that are uniquely suited to support your rehabilitation.
Ultimately, my goal is to assist you in cultivating an injury-preventative, active, balanced lifestyle. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park or rigorous training for a marathon, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Functional Movement Rehab

One-to-one functional movement rehabilitation is backed by years of interest and study of human movement. Whether starting or returning to exercise, aiming for new fitness goals, or recovering from injuries, I will happily share my knowledge and expertise to guide you on this journey. I integrate Pilates, functional movement science, and osteopathic clinical training to create a unique and personalised approach.
I will develop personalised exercise plans tailored to your needs to help accelerate your recovery by identifying and addressing any immediate movement limitations. Most importantly, I provide accountability and regular progress check-ups, ensuring you’re not alone. I will support your gradual and sustainable return to your favourite activities and lifestyle.

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Strong Foundations Class in Crystal Palace

Strong Foundations Class

Step into an invigorating movement class at The Little Escape Studio in Crystal Palace. Engage in compound exercises such as squats, lunges, hip hinges, and single-leg balances. These functional movements mimic real-life activities and improve your everyday movement quality. Prepare your body for daily tasks or weekend sports.

The class draws inspiration from Pilates, yoga, and natural movement systems. This diverse approach promotes resilience and helps prevent injuries. Enhance your overall physical fitness and bulletproof your body for any challenge with these effective exercises. Learn more about the Strong Foundations Class.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Sports and deep tissue massage treatments offer a range of benefits. With deep pressure, soft tissue release, and joint mobilisation techniques, I ensure relief from daily stress and strain and enhanced performance in physical activities. My osteopathic education enables me to tailor these techniques to the specific needs of athletes and individuals seeking to address common musculoskeletal injuries and manage chronic pain or reduce muscle tension due to repetitive strains or sedentary lifestyles. Whether you’re preparing for an event, recovering from one, or seeking relief from chronic pain, my sports and deep tissue massage treatments provide comprehensive support, sustained comfort, and enhanced physical function

Palace, rehabilitation, lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle treatment, exercise prescription

How I Can Assist You

Mobility & Strength

Personalised Movement Analysis

Following a thorough movement analysis, I can create a customised plan to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals by understanding your unique needs.

Remedial Exercises

Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

I use osteopathic techniques, functional movement, and corrective exercises to help people recover from lower back pain, address pain causes, support healing, and improve spinal health.

Breathing Techniques

Shoulder Function Restoration

I incorporate manual therapy and strengthening exercises applied to the whole body, not just the shoulder, to reduce the pain and improve the function.

Lower Back Pain

Improved Movement Efficiency

I help you improve your fundamental movement patterns, strength, coordination and balance to enhance your athletic performance, prevent injuries, or move better daily.

Movement Variety

Muscle & Joint Health Solutions

If you are experiencing muscle tension or restricted movements, I can help alleviate tension and improve joint mobility through targeted massage techniques and personalised exercises.

Spinal & Joint Health

Ankle & Foot Health

I provide post-injury rehabilitation and help improve foot and ankle function, which can help optimise movement for the rest of the body. I educate on footwear choices to support natural foot movement.

About Me

I’m Auste, your dedicated movement specialist and osteopath. Certified in sports massage and 3DMAPS® movement analysis, I offer tailored services like osteopathy, massage, clinical Pilates, and functional movement coaching. My focus on natural and functional movement patterns adapts to individuals of all backgrounds, including dancers, office workers, and health enthusiasts, in today’s bustling urban environment. With an in-depth understanding of musculoskeletal conditions, I provide personalised care for a balanced, stronger and healthier you.

What my Clients Say

“I have been going to Austes wonderful classes for several months now and I’m addicted. I feel so good whilst doing the class and after. I have been to both her Saturday and Mondays classes which are brilliant.“


“I used to get back pain every one or two months for many, many years. Ever since I started seeing Auste I haven’t experienced the same pain at all for almost a year. I am very grateful for all the tips learned in her classes to strengthen my core (Strong Foundations) in addition to the osteopathy sessions that have been extremely helpful.”



The Little Escape clinic and studio are next door to each other, located just behind the Blackbird Bakery, off Westow Street in Crystal Palace. Watch this video to help you to find us.

The Clinic

4 Paxton Mews, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3RW

The Studio

3 Paxton Mews, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3RW

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